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Community Health

Adult Home Visiting Program

Cavalier County Health District provides an adult home visiting program. Visits can be as frequent as every two weeks. Services provided at home visits may include physical assessment, assessment of the safety of the home environment, medication set-up and monitoring and health education and support. This service is offered Monday through Friday. To arrange for adult home visits call (701) 256-2402 or contact CCHD.

Move to Better Health

Cavalier County Health District in cooperation with NDSU Extension Service offer this 8 week community and/or work site wellness program. Topics including nutrition, physical activity, stress and overall wellness are covered for enrolling employees. This program encourages participants to make healthy lifestyle changes. Topics can be tailored to the specific needs of individual work sites or community groups. Interested businesses or community groups are asked to call (701) 256-2402 or contact CCHD for further information.


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