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Tobacco Control


Cavalier County Health District is committed to improving and protecting the health of Cavalier County residents by reducing the negative health and economic consequences of the North Dakota's number-one cause of preventable disease and death --- tobacco use.

Our Goal is to reduce disease, disability and death related to tobacco use by:
- Preventing initiation among youth and young adults
- Promoting quitting among adults and youth
- Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke
- Identifying and eliminating tobacco-related disparities among specific population groups

Our Efforts

Cavalier County Health District takes part in many activities to address the issue of tobacco use in our county.

The Cavalier County Tobacco Coalition was formed in January 2003. We continue to work to strengthen our coalition and broaden our membership.

Cavalier County Health District collaborates with county schools on working toward stronger tobacco policies in schools.  Cavalier County Health District also works with county schools on educational displays and events throughout the school year.

Community Planning and Priority Setting continue to be a focus area for Cavalier County Health District. CCHD provides education regarding the benefits of and assistance with implementation of healthy policies and ordinances in the county such as smoke-free school grounds, smoke free workplaces and city tobacco ordinances.

Helping individuals who smoke or use spit tobacco quit is always a priority. Linking individuals to the resources they need to cease tobacco use such as promoting the cessation service ND Quits is another big part of our effort to decrease the negative impact of tobacco on our residents.

Cavalier County Health District continues participate in activities which raise awareness of the impacts of tobacco on individuals, the community and society as a whole. This education takes many forms including individual teaching, media awareness, displays, presentations, and educational events,



Cavalier County Tobacco Coalition



Quiting Smoking or Spit Tobacco Resources